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So Chris rock was on Oprah today, and Im so mad i missed it. It looks like it was a good head, she even had solange on the show. And she confirmed that it is all her hair on her head, a la tyra style, stick your hand in my head. Check out the vid below.

Did you guys catch the episode? Did you like it?

Okay so I’ve been doing some researching and seeing what i can add to my hair regimen, first strenghten my hair and second to maintain moisture. In a previous post I had lamented how dry both my hair and my scalp felt.

So I have changed a few things in my regimen:

  1. I no longer deep condition over night, it was causing build-up on scalp which then led to my scalp being itchy and dry.
  2. I use okra has a deep conditioner, which i then follow up with a moisture rich deep conditioner.
  3. Im trying to minimize how much i manipulate my hair so for the last week and some, i’ve worn buns and puffs and just today a french braid type hair style.
  4. Im moisturing about every other night.

Umm thats it so far.

So I bet your wandering okra, why? It is apparantly a good protein treatment and can help strenghten and grow your hair. regal bal did a post on her blog that you can check out to see the process. So far its okay. The first time i did it, i left the okra in , not a good idea I ended up with dry flakes in some parts of my hair. Today is the second time ive tried it. My hair after washing, treating and deep conditioning felt really soft. So for now the okra is sticking around.

Second the crisco, this one is just an experiment, I had first heard about using this as a moisturizer on urbancurlz blog, its something that she does and loves. So I decided to try it today, I added my moisturizers and then sealed it with the crisco, after which i put my hair into like 18 bantu knots. I hope my hair is left soft and not greasy. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. 🙂 I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.

So this post is going to be two-fold. First is just an update about the scalp itch thing that I blogged about before. I washed and soaked etc, and it seems to be getting better its not all there yet but I feel better about it now. The one thing that Im noticing though is that Im getting split ends and knots like mad. I just trimmed my ends and already there forming, so I have to do something about that now, apart from cutting those ends off which im doing, when i come across them. I already have an idea of a few things that i want to try but I’ll post about them when I actually do them. For now though, Im not doing any on shoulder styles, Im pretty much going to bun it or pony tail it. (Which right now is fairly easy for me as i have my hair in twists, I tell you its gonna be my signature style soon 🙂 )

Second thing I wanted to talk about, I wanted to ask you guys about good hair blogs that you check out preferably ones that are relaxed. I have a relaxed co-worker who needs information badly. Her current stylist told her she has to blow dry her hair everytime she washes it or it will revert back to natural. Messed up I know.

So I told her I would get some hair blogs for her (cuz you know im talkin about hair at work :), just can’t help it ) I only know a few though.



From short to long and thats about it. So post and comment some blogs that you would recommend for her.


Thanks ladies ❤

So I recieved my package from Quel to day. It had been a little delayed due to some administration details that needed to be worked out. (Proly something to do with cross-border shipping)

Anyway i think that they came a really good time. If you don’t remember I won a contest that Quel was hosting and I won a Creme of Nature Shampoo and conditioner. I recieved red clover and aloe shampoo (for dry hair and flaky scalp {both of which i currently have}) and the jojoba and olive oil deep conditioning treatment (for dehydrated hair)

So I am very excited and will try them out on wash day(which is sunday)

My current hair issues.

1. My roots are dry, terribley dry

2. My scalp is itching me like crazy, there is no build-up, I oil it and try to be tender but it still itches like a fiend.

3. My ends split like no-bodies business, Im not even playin. Even the baby hairs are splitting. Why! Whats up with that, and more importantly how do I prevent it from recurring after I chop, -yeah i said chop -off my ends?

The end part of my hair is more moisturized because I apply products about every other day. But Im worried that I will lose the length i’ve gained because of improper or poor hair care.

Would castor oil, or henna help strenghten my hair enough to prevent the breakage?

My roots are so dry and parched right now, and I don’t know where I went wrong. I oil my scalp with my herbal oil, which I usually find moisturizing, but its not doing it for me. I don’t oil my scalp everyday because i don’t want to get any build-up on my scalp (which is already acting up).

So my question is what do I do, to revive my hair and make it moisture rich again, with out loading on the product?

Suggestions….Anyone?…..please 🙂

check out this de-frizz hair treatment by Cherry Lola. I think I may try this sometime.



Okay this is Kinky rhonnie’s fault, yes its all her fault 🙂 So after my last post she gave me the heads up about forever 21 how they had nice cheap hair accessories, so me I promotly went over to their canadian website.

They have a ton of stuff that is really nice and cheap, next paycheck man, next paycheck. Im just glad that its not a sale so i can still get those prices.

cute Bobby pins

satin flower clip

satin flower clip

polished bobby pins

polished bobby pins


satin flower headband

satin flower headband

funky feather headband

funky feather headband

 So not my style but i still like it for some reason 🙂

They have a ton of bobby pins.

So now that I have my hair out, (well its in twists) I’m really feeling hair accessories, unfortunately I dont have any,nope not a one. 🙂 Sad yes i know but its true. right now I really want one of those flower hair clips that are all the rage.


I love this one. I think I may try and make my own.

I’ve been tagged by back to curly. Woot!

So Here goes 10 things about me

  1. I love to read
  2. I love cats and dogs and am working on getting my mom to agree to getting a dog.
  3. I am short or petite 5’2″ ( the rest of my fam is at least 5’6″
  4. I like to make jewellery and to bake ( yeah I know its too things, but there both about making stuff :))
  5. I am the oldest girl and the second oldest child (which can really suck, those of you who have younger siblings will understand :D)
  6. I think that I am boring
  7. I would love to travel and tour France, Italy, Greece, heck I wanna see most of Europe!
  8. Most ppl think that I look like im 12 (which is a major pet peeve of mine, common now folks, think abit)
  9. I love shoes, bags and makeup (yeah I know its typical stuff, but i wasnt into this stuff years ago, so now im enjoying them.
  10. Like to Back to Curly, I took would love to publish a book ( though i dread having to promote it, Oh heres another point, I don’t like being in the spotlight)

Well thats it, check out Back to Curly and see what her 10 things are and to check out who else she tagged


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