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T here is more to making henna than simply adding water to the powder. Many people who use henna regularly recommend that you had some moisturizing ingredients whether it be oils or conditioners. If you use henna for colour  then you need to let it sit so that the dye can be released, most people let it sit over  night and then apply the next day. The average time they leave it on is 3-4 hours but you can do less.

Examples of what people have used are: apple cider vinegar, hair cholesteral,honey etc.

Some times henna is done not for the colour but just for the moisturzing and strengthening properties, a person may do what is called a henna gloss.

Henna Gloss…

*Henna powder
*Strong tea
*FULL FAT Greek yoghurt
*Aloe Vera gel
*Blackstrap Molasses
*neem powder
*A sprinkle of paprika powder
*A sprinkle of tumeric powder
*A small glug of castor oil


 1/2 Tsp ground cloves
2 Tbsp Henna Powder
1/2 Tsp Amla Powder
Brewed chamomile tea
1 Tsp Fresh Lemon Juice
3 Tbsp Aubrey Organics Blue Chamomile Conditioner


Combine ground cloves, henna and amla powder then add lemon juice and enough brewed tea to form a smooth paste resembling yogurt consistency.
You can leave this mixture on for as little as 30 minutes or longer


Another youtuber 🙂 don’t you just love it. Hopefully here videos show up and “are not unavailable” She does a tutorial on rollersetting natural hair

This im going to try when my hair is out. Maybe minus the flatiron. Im trying to minimize my heat use.


June 2020