The blacker the berry……………..

Okay this is Kinky rhonnie’s fault, yes its all her fault 🙂 So after my last post she gave me the heads up about forever 21 how they had nice cheap hair accessories, so me I promotly went over to their canadian website.

They have a ton of stuff that is really nice and cheap, next paycheck man, next paycheck. Im just glad that its not a sale so i can still get those prices.

cute Bobby pins

satin flower clip

satin flower clip

polished bobby pins

polished bobby pins


satin flower headband

satin flower headband

funky feather headband

funky feather headband

 So not my style but i still like it for some reason 🙂

They have a ton of bobby pins.


So now that I have my hair out, (well its in twists) I’m really feeling hair accessories, unfortunately I dont have any,nope not a one. 🙂 Sad yes i know but its true. right now I really want one of those flower hair clips that are all the rage.


I love this one. I think I may try and make my own.

I’ve been tagged by back to curly. Woot!

So Here goes 10 things about me

  1. I love to read
  2. I love cats and dogs and am working on getting my mom to agree to getting a dog.
  3. I am short or petite 5’2″ ( the rest of my fam is at least 5’6″
  4. I like to make jewellery and to bake ( yeah I know its too things, but there both about making stuff :))
  5. I am the oldest girl and the second oldest child (which can really suck, those of you who have younger siblings will understand :D)
  6. I think that I am boring
  7. I would love to travel and tour France, Italy, Greece, heck I wanna see most of Europe!
  8. Most ppl think that I look like im 12 (which is a major pet peeve of mine, common now folks, think abit)
  9. I love shoes, bags and makeup (yeah I know its typical stuff, but i wasnt into this stuff years ago, so now im enjoying them.
  10. Like to Back to Curly, I took would love to publish a book ( though i dread having to promote it, Oh heres another point, I don’t like being in the spotlight)

Well thats it, check out Back to Curly and see what her 10 things are and to check out who else she tagged

So I rocked my first twist out today, or rather yesterday. It was very well recieved, mind you thats not why I did it. I did  it because I was gonna wash my hair after and I always miss a few twists if i try and pull it out at the time im going to wash.

Am I going to rock twists outs alot, no. I dont think so i felt that it was very drying on my hair and my ends got crusty so the only time I think i would do it is when its wash day.

So I am officially apart of the hand in head syndrome group. I twisted my hair in two strand twists, and they just feel so nice, i catch myself all the time playing and twirling strands, I also realize that i need to cut not trim my ends and badly ( i know i keep repeating this) but i need a pair of scissors for trimming only.

As I said in the last post, I took out my “hair”, then I washed it, real quick, then I deep conditioned. I know you should deep condition on dry hair but seriously, my hair was smelling way funky, I had to wash it, i couldnt not.

So I deep conditioned over night, then this moring at about 10:30 I washed it out, after I conditioned and detangled in sections. ( I love doing this, it was so easy to plait up my hair after)

So my hair is just in plaits now, but Im going to style it later, when its almost competely dry.


P.s. My sister deleted the MJ pics, so I have to see if she has them saved somewhere else.

My love as come along.Sry. I had to :).
So what I mean is at last I took out my hair, Im happy about it for two reasons. One i get to see, touch and play in my own hair and not have to worry about the wind and second, Im really pleased with the growth I have, mind you I have to take off at least an inch because of my ends but hey its the price you pay for healthy hair.
I just hope that I can retain my length, as I have said before its not the growth thats my problem its keeping what ive grown.
Oh and my creme of nature goods have officially been shipped out to me. yeah!!! 🙂


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