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Still going with the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. This is what she suggests for Black skin specifically, she address Asian, Latin, Middle Eastern and Multiethnic as well but Im just going to retype the info black skin.


  • Black Skin tends to be darker  across the forehead and perimeter of the face, and lighter on the middle part of the face including the cheeks
  • The trick when applying foundation is to create a seamless look between the light/golden and dark/warmer parts of the face.
  • Some women like enhancing the golden tones in their skin and other women like playing up the warmer tones in their skin.
  • If you want to go golden choose a tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation that matches the skin on the centre of your face
  • Apply the tinted moisturizer/sheer foundation just on this area, then use a coppery bronzer on the other parts of the face to diffuse the transition between the lighter and darker areas.
  • If you want to go warm, choose a tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation in a shade that falls between the lighter and darker parts of the face.
  • Applying a dark shade of foundation all over the face will look unnatural so the idea is to tone down the difference between the light and dark areas.
  • Look for a yellow based foundation that has a bit of orange, red ,or blue to it, depending on how deep the colour of your skin is.
  • Lighter black skin looks most natural with yellow-based foundation that has a touch of golden orange.
  • Darker skin looks best with yellow-based foundation that has warm cinnamon tones.
  • If the foundation looks gray or ashy on the skin, its not the right shade


Makeup Kits

I checked out the Bobbi Brown makeup manuel from the library. ( I like to do this when deciding if I am going to purchase a new book, just to see if I’ll use enough of the information. Its 35.oo Cdn. a bit steep but hey you can use it for life )

Like any good book its divided into sections, the first is equipment. Im not going to list every makeup brush that she recommends having ( though they are good) but I am going to detail the different makeup kits she recommends having and their contents.

Home makeup

  1. Concealers and correctors
  2. Foundations or tinted moisturizer
  3. Powder (two colours)
  4. Eye shadow (three to four basic colours)
  5. Eyeliner (powder and gel)
  6. Mascara
  7. Blush (powder or cream)
  8. Lipstick, gloss, lip pencil 

Everyday Bag

  1. One or two palettes that contain your foundation, concealer, blush and lip colour
  2. A compact of pressed powder with a mirror
  3. A basic eye palette
  4. Mini Mascara
  5. Lip gloss
  6. Mini brushes
  7. Small sample sizes of face cream

Evening  Bag

  1. Lipstick or gloss
  2. Lip pencil
  3. A powder compact
  4. Customizable face palette ( foundation, blush, concealer)
  5. Mini perfume
  6. Breath mints

In your Desk Drawer

  1. Concealer
  2. Foundation
  3. Pressed powder  ( with mirror)
  4. Blush
  5. Lip balm, lip colour, and/or  lip gloss
  6. Black eyeliner and white or silver eye shadow to create an evening eye
  7. Mini brushes
  8.  Travel toothbrush and toothpaste set


June 2020