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So i got three hair products from Avon two conditioners and one hair oil. I think the conditioners (African Shea Butter restorative hair mask and mediterranean olive oil condtioning hair mask both from the planet spa line) will be pretty good, I had read some good reviews for the olive oil one and since it was 3 for 12 bucks I decided to go for it as they are regular 8 bucks each.

The palm desert rose oil hair elixir i dont know about, I mean the first two ingredients are water and silicone (dimethicone ) But im going to try them out, with other conditioners and see how they work, Wish me  luck 😀

Okay so I am going not doing this according to plan but I had to post these video’s as soon as I saw them on Coup de Coeur’s blog. I like her reviews, she seems very personable. Hope they help. Enjoy.

This is her first video on detangling

This is a Qhemet Biologics product review

This is her youtube channel.

So here it is finally. The long awaited Miss Jessie’s review.
I used the Baby buttercreme and Curly pudding products.
The application method

  • You don’t need to use as much product as they say you should ( they say about a tablespoon for each section)
  • I applied a leave-in condtioner and used my own aloe spritz concotion before I applied the products to my hair
  • I used the Baby buttercreme first, the smell is pleasant not at all over powering. The texture is light, like its whipped.
  • I then applied the Curly pudding, I didn’t use to much as I didn’t want it to dry flakey. I also tried to keep my hair very wet as most reviews I read said that it helped it to keep from flakeing.

What I liked.

  • My hair feels soft and very moist, hair doesn’t feel as dry as normal
  • The smell

What I didn’t like

  • Product causes hair to be oily
  • Very, very long drying time, if hair drying ( it took more than 8 hours for my hair to dry in plaits)
  • Not much curl action happening ( not sure if it was the method I used)
  • Hair feels dry and coarse, no longer soft. Reapplication of buttercreme doesn’t seem to help.

Now that was just my experience with those two products. Oh.. I just remembered I used the rapid recovery treatment as well as a pre-poo. I didn’t like it, my hair still felt dry and not moisturized at all. 😦
As I was saying, I will try to products another time, on myself or in my sisters hair and see how it works then.


July 2020