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So for the next week, this one coming up, I wont be posting anything. Because there are some things that i need to catch upon, and I dont do it when Im blogging so I have to cut out the blogging.

I got this information from The blog is about getting healthy hair, theres a none of information, discussions and tutorials posted as well.

Styling Regimen Builder for Newbies!

U10060419 Are you feeling a little bit lost? Well, here is a very basic overview of some different styling regimens:) This is not meant to be exhaustive but just a basic starting point for the lost:) This focuses strictly on styling regimens.
How to use this Guide

  1. Pick one regimen and try it out for a month
  2. Work with products you have and slowly pick up items you need
  3. Record each wash day/week in your Healthy Textures Social Network Blog or journal, noting any   positive or negatives reactions
  4. As you start tweaking your regimen, i.e. adding in a pre-poo or oil rinse, record positives and negatives.
  5. Keep recording and experimenting until you find a regimen that works for you.

Some Advice…..

1.    Avoid buying a whole new set of products – Unless your current products are negatively affecting your hair, avoid buying a whole new set of products. Try buying one item from a line and seeing how they work for you or asking the company/retail location for samples. Just trying to save your hard-earned money!!

2.    Avoid jumping on bandwagons – There are lots of different methods for healthy hair but make sure to try one at a time and give it enough time to work. For instance, avoid jumping from rollersetting to condition washing to blowdrying/flatironing all in one month. Instead, if you want to try new things, try one for a month and record your progress. The next month, try another method and record. This will ensure you give each method a fair chance.

3.    DON’T GET DISCOURAGED – Some of us have been abusing our hair for decades. So, it will take time to reverse that damage. Just select a regimen, give it a month to see if it works for your hair and if not, move on. Just be patient and your hair will reward you.

Guide to Regimens
    To help you find what regimen works best for you, I broke down the regimens into individual behavior patterns:)

Crbs0481790_2 Regimen 1: Conditioner Washing
– Using conditioner to wash the hair and letting it air dry

Who this works great for:

  • Exercise Divas that need frequent cleansing
  • Ladies on the go who cant spend a ton of time on their hair
  • Ladies who need frequent hydration
  • Ladies whose hair is extremely damaged and want to avoid heat all together for a long period of time.

Basic Regimen:

Wash the hair daily or every other day with a moisturizing conditioner
Apply leave-in, serum and moisturizer and air dry in buns, braids, twists,etc.

Regimen 2 : No Heat Styling Method – Washing the hair every 5-7 days, setting it on rollers/flexi rods/twists/braids,etc. and letting it airdry.

Who this works great for:

  • Ladies who want to eliminate heat but wash more infrequently
  • Ladies who do not like conditioner washing but want to eliminate heat
  • Ladies who do not have or want to use an indirect heat source (hood dryer), but want to accomplish a certain style to their hair.

Basic Regimen:
    Wash with a Moisturizing Shampoo
    Deep condition for 20-30 mins with a Moisturizing Conditioner twice a month
    Deep condition with a Light Protein Conditioner twice a month
    Apply leave-in, serum and/or pomade and set hair on rollers, braids, twists,etc.
    Airdry  and Style
    Moisturize daily with moisturizer or natural pomade.

465001rkl Regimen 3: Indirect Heat Styling – Washing 5-7 days, wet wrapping or setting on rollers/flexi-rods/twists, etc. and drying under a hood dryer.

Who this is great for:

  • Ladies that want a “heat styled” look without the blow-dryer and flatiron
  • Ladies that want a chunk of time on their hair and then not have to deal with it for the rest of the week.
  • Ladies who have or want to purchase a hood dryer.

Basic Regimen:
    Wash with a Moisturizing Shampoo
    Deep condition with a Moisturizing Conditioner once a month
    Deep condition with a Protein Conditioner twice a month
    Apply leave-in and serum and set hair
    Dry under a hood dryer for 1-2 hours
    Moisturize daily with moisturizer or natural pomade.

Regimen 4: Direct Heat Styling
– Washing 5-7 days, blowdrying and flat ironing/curling hair.

Who this is great for:   

At Healthy Textures, we really try to show alternatives to this method as using direct heat is not always the best option for textured hair. However, we understand that the options above are not always feasible so we at least want to show you ways to use heat in the least damaging.

  •     Ladies who want super straight hair
  •     Ladies who can’t shake that blowdryer/flat iron just yet.

Basic Regimen:
    Wash with Moisturizing Shampoo
    Deep condition with a Light Protein Conditioner
    Twice a month, deep condition with a Hard Protein Conditoner like Nexxus Emergencee and follow up     with a Moisturizing Conditioner
    Airdry until hair is ¾ dry and blow dry on Medium
    Flat-iron on med/low
    Moisturize daily with moisturizer or natural pomade.


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