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So my Anita Grant samples came last………… week, yeah last week. The packaging is nice, its glass jars for the hair butters and creams and small jars for the oils samples. I had also got two clay samples for the face. The products are okay so far, I havent really tried them out as I have hair weave in. So Ive just been putting on the scalp and hair that is accessbile. Most of the ones i got smell like coconut, no not the synthetic scent but the real just smashed it out of the shell smell. It can sometimes be annoying. The one thing that I dont like about the products is that they were pretty greasy. I havent as i said earlier been able to apply it to my whole head but when I do, I dont want it to be greasy. It could be because Ive only been able to apply it to small areas and I may be using too much product. We’ll see when I take out my hair, which could be another month as it still looks good and its been 3 weeks. I just want to be able to oil or spray my scalp with something. Cuz i got the itches like crazy and I dont want to have to be slappin my head every other minute :D.

I am seriously excited while searching the web for make-up looks for black chicks, I stumbled across this site by anita grant. Well its more of a company site as oppose to a personal site.

To get to the point she sells hair products for black chicks with natural hair, the ingredients are seriously lux, and bonus theres SAMPLES! Got to love the samples. The only down side is that she is based out of England which means that you have to convert the euros then you have to pay for the shipping. The reviews for it have been awesome though.

I dropped a wee bit on samples and shipping but I am seriously excited as I have mentioned a few times. I can’t wait for them to be delievered, they should be here within the week, unfortunately I just realized that my hair is done, and will be for the next 4 weeks so I have to wait a bit to try them out.

cafe latte hair cream

 “100% Pure Coffee Oil, nourishing Virgin Coconut Oil, chocolatey Fair Trade Unrefined Cocoa Butter & Macadamia Nut Oil caress your dry curly hair. Our non greasy, velvety rich leave-in is great for dry naturally curly hair.”

  How the hair cream is described, sounds good to me.

Hair butter

“Gently soothe and calm overworked skin with our nourishing blend of pure and wholesome goodness in jar. All Natural – All Organic Skin Care love in a jar!”

 Again, sounds delish.

Mono de Tahiti

This stuff is super good for your hair, Ill post back when I finally get to test it.


July 2020