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a remineralizing blend of Moroccan volcanic clay found in the region of Meknes, infused with a mixture of therapeutic plants for body wraps and hair treatments.

Nourishes both body and skin through the combined therapeutic effects of the clay and plants
Contains a soaping substance which enables the plant mixture to eliminate toxins through absorption
Cleansing, anti-fungal and purifying properties
Available in chip or soap bar form.

Ingredients: Moroccan lava clay, infusion of Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), Lavandula angustifolia (lavender), Myrtus communis (myrtle), Eugenia caryophyllata (clove), Rosa damascena (rose), rock moss, Tanacelum vulgare (tansy), Lavandula angustifolia x lavandula latifolia (lavendin) essential oil

Application: Mix 1 to 2 tablespoon of clay chips (according to surface) with enough water to obtain a smooth runny paste. Apply on wet skin or hair avoiding the eyes, and leave on for approximately 10 minutes. Rinse clean and follow treatment with a lathering wash and moisturizer.

250 ml / 8oz


It can be found at

There are alot of companies out there that cater to those with curly hair. Some of the brands I have listed I heard about from other blogs such as k.i.s.s or I came across them by myself. There are still many more that I am interested in adding but I will do so at a later time.







Qhemet Biologics



Hair straighteners and blow driers are something I have yet to bring up in my blog. Not to say that I don’t or haven’t used them. It’s just right now im not using them at all, because one my blow dryer kicked the bucket last year, and I haven’t seen one that I think can handle my hair. I like the blow driers with the comb attachments, my hair is too thick to be holding a brush in one hand and the dryer in the other. No man I need a combination, and the next thing is the heat settings. I usually use a dryer with 1800 watts most of the ones in Canada are 1500 doesn’t sound like much difference but there is. My hair doesn’t come out as smooth or pretty much at all with the lower wattsAnyways to the point of the post, The Maxiglide.It is a flat iron that is supposed to be really good. I was watching a youtube video and I was one surprised because I didn’t thick that girls with actual kinky hair could use it. You know the commericals they show there token black girl and then think that every hair type can use when in reality you can’t.

So I checked out their website maxiusbeauty the prices look …okay. They seem very reasonably priced, on par or even cheaper than some other brands. They offer different package choices, the packages actually look cheaper than buying the individual flat iron.



I am so interested in purchasing these when I get the chance. And the youtube video that inspired it all. I am having trouble posting the video so I will just have to give you the url. Enjoy 🙂 Okay….so I got it .



April 2020