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So for the longest time I have been hearing the hype about miss jessie’s. It was in essence and other places that i dont really remember. 😀 The price always hindered me from purchasing them, i mean $56 american for some hair cream chile please. The worst thing would be if it didnt work, because just like every other hair type black ppl have varied and wide spread hair textures, they may all be in the 4a or 4b category ( according to hair stylist Andre) but how they react to product is different. For instance in my house one sister has harder course hair that has more kink, while my other sister has more loose coily hair, now this is all natural negro hair with no straighteners used ever.

But………….i digress. Now when miss jessie’s came out with samples, well i was late to that party but then I read about their sample pack and I jumped on that right away. My mom is excited she cant wait to try out the products, six samples came in the package and there 2 0z. each. In Canadian dollars it was $45 ( note i  ordered it through as they have a Canadian distribution centre so i didnt pay $55 in shipping)

I have to wait to try them out as my hair is styled right now but when I take them out, oh man straight to the  samples. My mom and I are planning to try the curly meringue ( this has medium hold for kinky,curly , natural and permed hair) on my sister. We sound like some crazed scientists dont we :).

the value pack of samplesThis is the value pack of samples. It includes each of the products that miss jessie’s carrries.

curly pudding

Our world famous Curly Pudding is a “smooth operator” that transforms shrunken kinks to super shiny stretched out curls.
Instructions for use:
Apply a palm full of Curly pudding to damp freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Rake through large sections and air dry. For maximum elongation comb a nickel sized dollop thru small sections and air dry.
Great for:
Fingerstyling, 2 strand twists, shingling, Silkeners and Texturizers

curly meringue

Wanna boost? This potent emulsion packs the punch you need for pogo stick oingy boingy curls.
Instructions for use:
Apply a palm full of Curly pudding to damp freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Rake through large sections and air dry.
Great for:
Fingerstyling, 2 Strand Twists, Spiral Rod Sets, Relaxed Hair seeking curly styling and Transitioners, Silkeners and Texturizers

curly buttercreme

Our legendary super softening soufflé spiked with extra cooling peppermint essence is the premium ultimate for growing out natural hair and preventing peppercorn tangled knotted ends.
Instructions for use:
Apply a nickel sized dollop to instantly soften dry, crunchy curls. Excellent for taming hairline edges, moisturizing pony puffs, two strand twists, coils, braids, cornrows, naturals.
Great for:
2 Strand Twists, Pony Puffs, Braids, Hairline Grooming Creme, Short Naturals and Fades, Growing out Natural Hair.

rapid recovery treatment

This once weekly intense luxurious deep treatment is the essential weapon for ensuring that your curls regain their healthy shiny bounce week to week. Rich shea butter and avocado cream oil penetrate for a radiant sheen that reinforces a smooth tangle free curl. Quite simply, your curls just behave better with a weekly dose of Rapid Recovery Treatmentâ„¢.
Instructions for use:
Once weekly scoop out a golf ball sized dollop in your hand. Smooth onto damp curls section by section from the root downward. Run a wide tooth comb through your hair to detangle. Leave in for at least 10 mins,then rinse out. Proceed to styling with your favorite Miss Jessie’s curl creme.
Great for:
Restoring moisture and supple elasticity to dry, brittle curls, kinks, waves and naturals. This essential, intense deep treatment is a natural curl’s secret weapon.

I know that the sample pack shows six products and there are only four above me, that is because they offer a non-scented curly pudding and a baby version curly buttercreme, both versions are the same as their counterparts they just vary a bit in there scent and the other in the end user. the website is


June 2020