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Posted on: June 4, 2009

So I washed out my conditoner this morning, i had it for abou 12 hours. Ummm im not too impressed, i think my weave got better results than my hair and I wasn’t even focusing on it.

So I think in future I’ll do a olive oil with aloe dct with maybe a bit of conditioner. One thing I didn’t like was that even after standing under the shower for like 10 minutes, it didn’t wash away completely it feels like theres still build up and if i run my finger (aka scratch my scalp) Im left with stuff underneath my nails. When I do the oil treatment, my scalp is clear of all that stuff.

As I write this post Im deep conditioning, unfortunately I don’t have a soft bonnet, or else I would be done already 🙂 So I am going to do it overnight. I started the process late in the evening (cough…8’clock…cough) I don’t want to go to bed with wet hair, and risk the chance of mold or anything else that’s gross, Im going to leave it till tomorrow. If I have to go outside I’ll wrap my head in a scarf and call it a day. 🙂

For my deep conditioner I used,treseme remoisture conditioner, Avon african shea butter restorative hair mask, Avon mediterrean oilve oil conditoning hair mask and the Avon palm desert rose oil hair elixir. I have high hopes for this combo, the only thing im worried about is that it will be so good and I wont be able to recreate it, as Avon discontiuned the shea butter conditioner right after I ordered it.(Booooo)

well, good night

So I’ve come across a few weekly deep condition challenges, and Im really thinking of participating in one. My question is can one deep condition with a “protective style” aka weave? and if  you can, should you?

I saw a discussion on black hair forum where some ppl said that they deep conditioned once a week, co-washed daily or multiple times a day, then you had some who didn’t do a thing.


I think im going to try a deep conditioning session first and see how it goes, I did oil treatments before and i liked that, so did my scalp.

The weekly challenge is a must try for me.


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