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So I recieved my package from Quel to day. It had been a little delayed due to some administration details that needed to be worked out. (Proly something to do with cross-border shipping)

Anyway i think that they came a really good time. If you don’t remember I won a contest that Quel was hosting and I won a Creme of Nature Shampoo and conditioner. I recieved red clover and aloe shampoo (for dry hair and flaky scalp {both of which i currently have}) and the jojoba and olive oil deep conditioning treatment (for dehydrated hair)

So I am very excited and will try them out on wash day(which is sunday)

My love as come along.Sry. I had to :).
So what I mean is at last I took out my hair, Im happy about it for two reasons. One i get to see, touch and play in my own hair and not have to worry about the wind and second, Im really pleased with the growth I have, mind you I have to take off at least an inch because of my ends but hey its the price you pay for healthy hair.
I just hope that I can retain my length, as I have said before its not the growth thats my problem its keeping what ive grown.
Oh and my creme of nature goods have officially been shipped out to me. yeah!!! ūüôā

Good news! I won Quel from Creme of Nature Giveaway. She had held a hairtreatment tips contest and I won, Woot. Its the first time I have ever won something in a contest (yes i know its sad, but its true) so I am very excited. I won a full size bottle of Creme of  Red Clover & Aloe shampoo for dry hair and scalp and a full size tube of Jojoba & Olive Oil Moisture-Active Deep Conditioning Treatment for Dehydrated Hair.

This was the tip that I gave:

“One deep condition that I like to do is a oil treatment, but I do it over night. It leaves my hair and scalp feeling nice. The last time I did it I used my version of Mo’s grow oil, it left my hair feeling so soft. I kept feeling it and wandering how come after a week or two my hair still felt nice and wasn’t dry.”


Thanks Quel mucho gracias! 

She is currently running another contest so check it out.


June 2020