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At this moment , I am alternating between three blogs, they all offer different things, one the ability to change and customize my blog with templates from the web, the other multiple pages so that I can write about varied but specific posts on there own tailored page and in the last blog I can internally change my layouts from two to three to one column displays without any hassle, and they have a variety of templates some of which are very customizable.

The one thing , well actually two things I find that all of them its difficult to manipulate the text when your typing, one has bold but no underline, one has text size but no bold. And also inputting pictures, I would like a little more play with that. The positioning, sizing, placement, and the ability to add borders easily for those of us who are HTML disinclined.

I do like that fact that they automatically save your posts though, it is a nice contingency plan, just in case your computer freezes or shuts down on you or if you accidentally close your window.

The fact remains I am still deciding which to choose and what to place in the posts. Most blogs I’ve gone to are specific in what they write about, the jack of all trades thing doesn’t work well for blogs. It will just look like a mishmash of stuff. Which could be an accurate representation of my brain right now 😀

Well I am still deciding.



July 2020