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So this post is going to be two-fold. First is just an update about the scalp itch thing that I blogged about before. I washed and soaked etc, and it seems to be getting better its not all there yet but I feel better about it now. The one thing that Im noticing though is that Im getting split ends and knots like mad. I just trimmed my ends and already there forming, so I have to do something about that now, apart from cutting those ends off which im doing, when i come across them. I already have an idea of a few things that i want to try but I’ll post about them when I actually do them. For now though, Im not doing any on shoulder styles, Im pretty much going to bun it or pony tail it. (Which right now is fairly easy for me as i have my hair in twists, I tell you its gonna be my signature style soon 🙂 )

Second thing I wanted to talk about, I wanted to ask you guys about good hair blogs that you check out preferably ones that are relaxed. I have a relaxed co-worker who needs information badly. Her current stylist told her she has to blow dry her hair everytime she washes it or it will revert back to natural. Messed up I know.

So I told her I would get some hair blogs for her (cuz you know im talkin about hair at work :), just can’t help it ) I only know a few though.



From short to long and thats about it. So post and comment some blogs that you would recommend for her.


Thanks ladies ❤

Split Ends: Everything You and Your Hair Need to Know
Split ends. Nobody likes these bad guys, but unfortunately they are a fact of life. While our hair will never be totally free of split ends, there are certain measures you can take to ensure that they don’t take away the beauty of your crowning glory.

When split ends are present, the hair:
1.) does not move well
2.) tends to get caught up on itself
3.) does not hold a curl or straighten well with heat
4.) varies in length throughout the head especially when slow, unchecked breakage is allowed to run rampant over time
5.) shows clear areas of dullness or thinness (transparency) along your hair’s hemline
6.) shows an increase in overall hair breakage
7.) is redder near the ends

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June 2020