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So I went to a Michael Jackson tribute concert/party last night. It was pretty big it was downtown. My younger sister was so into it, and my little brother was just lost,he couldnt see the stage and he didnt know any of the songs, poor kid 🙂

While i was there i noticed sooooo many people with natural hair,  i mean twist outs and curly fros, plain ol’ afros, dreds, twists it was a mecca of natural hair. I took a pic or two but I didn’t want to alarm people so I didn’t take too many.

All in all it was a good night, except for the weed and the rude, igonorant people who thought it was okay to push your way infront of somebody when theres no space. SMH.

I post some pics later after i get them off my camera

So Im taking a detour today. As many of you have already heard Michael Jackson passed away yesterday. Now I don’t know about most of you but I love me some Michael, so today this post is dedicated in memory to the late and the great Michael Jackson.



Scream. I heart this song. Its sooo good.

The lean is the baddest. What!

This song is epic, its like 30 minutes long. Jamonit.

Ahh Michael rest in peace.


April 2020