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Hair Issues

Posted on: August 27, 2009

My current hair issues.

1. My roots are dry, terribley dry

2. My scalp is itching me like crazy, there is no build-up, I oil it and try to be tender but it still itches like a fiend.

3. My ends split like no-bodies business, Im not even playin. Even the baby hairs are splitting. Why! Whats up with that, and more importantly how do I prevent it from recurring after I chop, -yeah i said chop -off my ends?

The end part of my hair is more moisturized because I apply products about every other day. But Im worried that I will lose the length i’ve gained because of improper or poor hair care.

Would castor oil, or henna help strenghten my hair enough to prevent the breakage?

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I’m not a hair expert, but I rely on moisture from leave-in conditioners on my hair (not the scalp). I suggest doing research online to find what out what people are doing who have your same hair type.

I’m journaling my hair experience on my blog, so feel free to stop by to see what I’ve been doing and to find connections to sites that may offer help.

My favorite resource is the Long Hair Care Forum ( You can find answers to all kinds of questions, product reviews, and hair routines there.

Good luck!

Hey thanks for the advice. I don’t use a leave in conditioner per se, i just use conditioner period (sort of like the conditioner method) and then I add my homemade moisturizer and then i seal it with some olive oil.

You may just need to adjust your hair regimen a little bit. Something you’re using may be causing your scalp to itch like crazy. It could possibly be an allergic reaction.

And remember oil does not equal moisture. Water is moisture. Try spritzing it with a moisturizing spray throughout the day, that may help.

What products do you use?

Hi, i use very few things on my hair right now, my “regimen” if you want to call it that is pretty simple. At first i thought it was product build-up but im really not sure. As for the water, i find that it usually leaves my hair feeling hard after it dries.
But thanks for reminding me that there is a difference b/t the two. I think that i was equating the herbal oil mixture with moisture because i put aloe vera gel and honey in it, but i dont think that those alone are enough.

what is your regimen?

What products are you using?

Castor Oil and Henna are staples in my hair care arsenal.

Are you using products with protein?

Too much protein can make the hair brittle, which leads to breakage.

Hey girl, umm my regimen is almost none existent, yes i know bad me 🙂 right now i use the herbal essence conditoner, a homemade moisturizer with mango and shea butter and oil to seal thats pretty much it. If im moisturizing during the week i use my tresmee conditioner and then apply the shea/mango mixture. I don’t use alot of protein, only when i deep condition, which is usually every two weeks.

It could be:

-scab hair

-hard water

-protein sensitivity

-using products that aren’t right for your curl pattern/texture

Do you use the oils on wet/damp hair? Do you co-wash? Are you using a lot of protein?

Feel free to visit my blog for advice and help. 🙂

ummm, i dont think that its anyone of those, as my protein use is minimal and i dont wash my hair enough for hard water to be a problem. i use oils to seal in moisture on my damp hair but i dont use it alone.

Thanks for the advice, i’ll make sure to stop by your blog.

Just a thought, as said by others above, you may be getting the itch because your skin does not like one of the ingredients you are using. I don’t have sensitive skin and have recently discovered that any fruit product irritates my scalp to the point where I can’t sleep my scalp itches so much, even immediately after washing.

I have since stopped using fruit essences, oils or products with citrus in them and the itchingis easing up!

Just sharing!

Happy hair journey!

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