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There are a few ways that one can go about designing your hair regimen. This is one example that I found.

 Building a regimen simply involves you making a decision on a few things:

  • How often to wash your hair – Twice a week is recommended for black hair with a sulphate free shampoo.
  • How often to deep condition – This should be done after each wash for 20-30 minutes with heat for extra penetration.
  • How often to have protein treatments – This is very important especially for relaxed hair to give it strength and should be done every 6-8 weeks or when excessive breakage is experienced.
  •  How often to clarify your hair – As a black person, hair moisturizers should be commonplace in your hair styling arsenal but build up of these products over time may harm the hair. Clarifying should be done every once in a while to get rid of build up.
  • How to styleit to retain the most length – e.g. no heat regimens, braid regimens etc
  • How often to trim your hair – Trimming will not make your hair grow faster but damaged ends make your hair look uneven and unhealthy so should be removed. Generally only a light dusting of the ends is required (removing split ends as and when you see them) every 6 months or so.
  • How often to have hot oil treatments – For added strength and lubrication to hair
  • How often to rotate your shampoos and conditioners – This avoids the hair getting used to one product and not responding as well over time.

 this is an example of what a regimen may look like

  • Co-wash (condition wash) on a Tuesday and deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner for 20 minutes with heat (cover with plastic cap under a hooded dryer).
  • Detangle only when the hair is soaking with conditioner and rinse
  • Seal hair with natural oil, style when still damp and allow hair to air dry overnight.
  • Spray hair with water daily to hydrate and seal with natural oil if wearing the hair in a natural style.
  • On Saturday wash hair with sulfate free shampoo, deep condition with a light protein conditioner and style as usual.
  • Rotate the conditioners (both moisturizing and protein) every other week so that the hair does not stop responding to them.
  • A hot oil treatment to be applied to hair for 20 minutes before shampooing once a month.
  • Apply a caramel treatment to the hair once every 4 weeks to soften and hydrate the hair.
  • Use a strong protein treatment if any out-of-the-ordinary breakage occurs.
  • When straightening the hair make sure to use a heat protectant.
  • Use only temperature controlled heat styling tools and only use heat once a month. Wear hair in natural styles most of the time.
  • Use only ammonia free hair colours once every 6-8 weeks if required.
  • Keep the hair braided for at least one out of 4 weeks to save on a detangling session and for length retention.
  • Do not braid too close to the edges (small baby hairs) to avoid thinning of the hairline.
  • Clarify the hair once every 6-8 weeks or when a lot of product has been used during the week to get rid of build up. Do not do this often to prevent the hair from feeling ‘stripped’ and dry.
  • Dust any split ends once every 6 months.
  • Track your growth every 3 months with pictures.

So I have done a previous post on creating your own hair regimen. Lately I have been thinking alot about it ( I do that, alot :), fixate or think excessively about a certain topic or idea)

I think that for my own regimen needs I would focus more on moisturizing and maintaining that moisture, because my hair dries out real quick, even when I put stuff in it. A water based moisturizer followed by an oil sealent, still by the time it dries its crispy.

So my aim is to develop ( yes, i still don’t have a regimen of my own, which is probabley why im thinking about it so much. But I have been wearing alot of “protective” hairstyles for the past year aka weaves.:)) a regimen that is simple but effective. One of my problems is that there are so many products which are so good that Im not sure where to start or what to buy or even if that product will work for my hair. (This is why i started my hair pantry section, which i am sadly deglecting.)

So I think that Im just going to post snippets of suggestions for developing your own regimen. The most common advice that I read or hear is to just keep it simple.


June 2020