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So this post is going to be two-fold. First is just an update about the scalp itch thing that I blogged about before. I washed and soaked etc, and it seems to be getting better its not all there yet but I feel better about it now. The one thing that Im noticing though is that Im getting split ends and knots like mad. I just trimmed my ends and already there forming, so I have to do something about that now, apart from cutting those ends off which im doing, when i come across them. I already have an idea of a few things that i want to try but I’ll post about them when I actually do them. For now though, Im not doing any on shoulder styles, Im pretty much going to bun it or pony tail it. (Which right now is fairly easy for me as i have my hair in twists, I tell you its gonna be my signature style soon 🙂 )

Second thing I wanted to talk about, I wanted to ask you guys about good hair blogs that you check out preferably ones that are relaxed. I have a relaxed co-worker who needs information badly. Her current stylist told her she has to blow dry her hair everytime she washes it or it will revert back to natural. Messed up I know.

So I told her I would get some hair blogs for her (cuz you know im talkin about hair at work :), just can’t help it ) I only know a few though.



From short to long and thats about it. So post and comment some blogs that you would recommend for her.


Thanks ladies ❤

My hair is the longest it has ever been in my life. Not because I permed my hair and damaged it beyond believe. Not because my hair is growth challenged, as a matter of fact I’ve had my hair grow alot in one month, and by doing nothing other than not washing it and having it in braids.( I know the not washing sounds nasty but it was a theory I heard, and truthfully it seemed to work. I swear in one month I went from nose length hair to below my chin, no lie)

But I digress, 🙂 My problem is that I have not been able to retain my growth. It gets “tall” as Jamaicans would say and then after I wear it out ( It was usually in a puff, again I know terrible for my ends:)) it would “drop” another Jamaican term that simply means my hair broke off and I lost all my new length :(. And so the visious cycle would continue for many years (did I say that I have been natural for all my twenty something years :)).

Until one day, I discovered hair blogs and hair companies that had products that werent loaded with petroleaum.
Now I feel that my near bra strap length hair ( Im a few inches off at last check) as the possibility of not only being healthy but staying on my head.
Which is always a good thing 🙂

Quick update, i just changed my hair style. meaning I got a new weave. This one is bone straight its the first time that i’ve had a straight weave.

I will be posting my pantry list soon, I know I cant use them yet but I like to be prepared.

On a plus note my hair has grown I would say that Im probabley apl right now, and in the front my hair is about an inch past my chin if so much.

I did three things to my hair after I took out my other hair style. I rinsed it with water and then used acv, then I did a protein treatment and then I did a moisture treatment and finally another acv rinse. Well okay so it was a bit more than three things but hey.

My hair felt really soft after that I am happy to say, then I loaded it with conditioner and olive oil to seal and hoped that it would dry in the morning 😀 it didnt.


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