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Makeup Brushes

Okay here is something that I have not brought up on this page as yet. It has nothing to do with your skintone and everything to do with brushes. Now most brushes you often see are very expensive, while browsing through other makeup blogs, I saw tons of youtube videos on makeup brushes and afforadable companies. Here is a very detailed brush review at Yummiebitez blog. She reviews Crown brushes, it has been said that they supply the brushes for coastal scents.

Coastal Scents review

 Another coastal Scents review

 Also Scandalousbeauty also has tutorials:

another one I like her skin looks so flawless in her pictures

Makeup tips for Women of Colour


African-American women have a wide variety of skin tones – from lighter to darker and everything in between. And while makeup lines have improved vastly in the last five years, it’s still a tricky undertaking to find the right shade for your skin tone. So finding the right makeup for your personal skin tone can be a tricky thing. If you choose the wrong color family, you can find yourself with a flat complexion or an ashen look. With a little guidance and some trial and error, you can find a color combination that works for you.


Here are three simple steps to help you on your way:


1. Pay attention to your undertones. Look beyond your skin’s color (overtone) to find the undertones that give definition to your features. For instance, rich ebony complexions often have cool undertones (look for colors in the blue family). Brown and caramel complexions may have warmer undertones (look for golden colors). Once you determine which colors are yours, use them as accents – especially around your eyes.


2. Find your color family – not just what you think is your color family. You might be surprised at just how off many women are when it comes to an accurate assessment of the colors that work for them. You may need to enlist the aid of a makeup specialist or your local cosmetics counter. In fact, you should consult a second opinion. And remember that foundation can look very different on your face than in the bottle or on that thumbnail palette, so be sure to test it on your jawline or on the inside of your wrist to see if it will work for you.


Tip: If your complexion is uneven, you may need two different colors of foundation that can be used together. When spread correctly over the right areas, a two-color approach can give you the even skin tone you’re looking for.


3. Use blush to contour your cheekbones. Here is one area where less is definitely more – especially if you use a more exotic color. A simple brush of currant or mauve can really set off and flatter a medium to dark complexion, while a sweep of caramel, honey or apricot can give definition to a medium to light complexion.


Tip: Bronzer can be used as an effective alternative to blush if you have a warmer complexion. Try dusting a light coating over your face, concentrating contoured strokes at your temples and cheekbones.


Something to Think About

When selecting a makeup, color should not be your only concern. Remember your skin type. If you have normal to oily skin, a water-based liquid foundation and a cream blush may work best for you. On the other hand, normal to dry skin can benefit form an entire line of cream formulas.


Make up for Women of Colour

Black  skin is one of the most beautiful skins…..”women of colour” might sound offensive but seen in a positive way it really epitomises the beauty of dark women.

Black skin feels like velvet when touched and I really love the way they carry off makeup….yes….but when applied artistically with the right colour and the “right” hand.Icons like Chanel Iman,Alek Wek and Naomi Campbell took the leagcy of black skin to greater heights and model-cum-entrepreur Iman started the first line of cosmetics for black women.

Now the market is flooded with products for dark skin though India again lags behind.For my readers’ knowledge I’d mention a few brands that are really good for dark skin and can be found easily in India….

M.A.C very versatile foundations and textures complimenting and accentuating black skin….

Shiseido their products have a the perfect blendability and uber-chic colours that can be dramatic

Red Earth this Australian brand has happening colours that suit all complexions but in Inida they have fantastic collection specially for Black skin..

L’Oreal has very good True match foundations for black skin but they tend to have only yellow undertones in them.

Anyways,if we understand some basics of how makeup should be worn by Black women,it becomes easier to choose products from the market and do some trial-n-error stuff with them.

Black skins have undertones like yellow,red,violet,blue and peach{rarely} and no pinks at all.The foundation choice is wider these days and black women since they have uneven skin should buy three complimenting colours at least.

The mistake which black women make in choosing a foundation is buying several shades lighter to look fairer but that is a total faux-pas.Instead its better accentuating the contours of the face with a luminous bronzer in case foundations are not available.

Lets learn step wise: -The rule is “Blacker the colour more light is absorbed, and the light more reflected”.Thence for black skin even a little sparkling eyeshadow becomes a boon.

FOUNDATION: -Generally the T zone is lighter.the cheeks are darker and the perimeter of the face is the darkest.So this is how a foundation should be applied and blended.Nextly girls with purple undertones tend to look grey with the normally available foundations.For them KRYOLAN has a mango coloured concealer to cut the bluishness of the skin and make them look warmer.Products with the shades like “ebony” and “tawny” and “mocha” suit black skin.

Not sticking to the basic but being more corrective,an orangey-yellow based concealer really works at times if blended well.

I have hardly seen black women having dark under eye circles {but they do have tan} so the concealer part is saved.

POWDERS and BLUSHES: -Shiseido makes beautiful powder that a black woman can use to contour and highlight her face and let the light play and illuminate her features.Never attempt of using lighter powder shades.They make you look ghastly.Bronzer sans the orange colour which cheaper versions have gives “life” to the rather dull looking skin and so does a pinch of iridescent pink blush applied on the apples of cheeks.Peaches wont be seen and red blushes especially creamy formulations are very flattering.

EYES: -Choose iridescent pastels….they reflect light very beautifully.Stick to shiny black liners and no browns as they tend to look muddy or most of the times invisible.

LIPS:-All lipsticks even flourescents looks fantabulous on black skin so dont hesitate in experimenting.So do shiny and shimmery lipglosses.

A girl once asked me to give her something that would make her dark african skin stand out.I suggested her to use hydrating serum+moisturiser and a creme pink blush with some pink gloss to applied on the cheek apples and some cherry red glossy lipgloss to compliment the look.She was looking ethereal.

Black skins do sport some colours which none of them can and its always good to be on the creative side when you have a dark black ebony skin. After-all god made Black skin with a purpose.

Makeup For Women of Colour

Lips: Lips look great in mocha, deep berry, dark plum, burgundy, chocolate and soft pinks. Stick to these colors and avoid harsh, bright colors like orange or fire engine red. This can create a washed out look and draw attention to your lips for the wrong reasons. If you want to wear different colors on the lips, always go for an earth-toned version, meaning a darker/warmer version of that color. It will blend well with your natural brown skin color!

Adding a touch of gloss doesn’t hurt either, so shine baby, shine! If you’re a big fan of lip gloss, then try colors such as salmon, apricot, lavender and berry. Most lip glosses have a sheer finish, so you don’t have to worry about the color being too intense. Lighter skin tones can go for brighter colors, including red.

 Eyes: For eye makeup, Black beauties look stunning in shades of dark browns, coppers, burgundies, beiges, and prunes. Shimmer on darker skin usually ends up looking overdone, so if you want to try this look, use as little shimmer as possible. If you want to try on more black beauty makeup color, choose from dark blue, wine or purple eyeshades to line your eyes, closer to the eyelashes.

 Dark gray works as an awesome eyeliner as well! You can soften the lines with a small-tip blending brush or with a sponge-tipped applicator. You can also wear mascara to thicken the eyelashes and it will give you a more glamorous look.

Creamy formulations are difficult to control on eyelids that tend to get oily during the day, so it’s a good idea to stay away from those unless you have dry skin.Yellow or yellow-toned eyeshadows are a no-no if you have a significantly lighter skin tone because they’ll make you look washed out.

 Cheeks: Darker skinned women normally don’t need blush, but if you’d like to add a splash of color to your cheeks, seek out pinks, burgundies, and reds. The darker your complexion, the darker your blush should be in order for it to show through. Bronzers can also add the right touch of color. Choose colors like coral, rose, or deep orange for your blush.

 Peachy shades and browns are a complete no-no for you. If you have an extremely dark skin tone, rose pink color will make your day, however for nights, choose shades of bronze, plum and wine.

A touch of golden color will make your dark skin glamorous and gorgeous on special occasions. See, you’re getting black beauty makeup tips at its best!One stronger piece of advice about color:

The colors you like generally are good for your skin tone. Follow your instinct, and don’t settle for someone else “telling” you what to wear. Your idea of what is beautiful may differ from mine, and you have to be comfortable with your choice. Many cosmetic lines have great tips and pictures on their websites.  





Make Up Basics 

  Primer What you need to keep your makeup in place all dayThe most undiscovered complexion product yet one of the most important, primer plays a key role in perfecting the complexion. When applied to clean skin, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines, smoothes skin texture, and keeps whatever makeup you apply over it (foundation) in place all day. Most primers are compatible with any skin condition, though certain formulations are better for some. And although it makes a perfect base for foundation, it can be worn alone, as an alternative to foundation. Application is easy: Using your fingers, apply over moisturizer and an SPF of 15 or higher.

  Concealer The only way to truly conceal imperfections The one complexion product no women should be without, concealer provides extra coverage where you need it most-pimples, undereye circles, brown spots, scars. Most concealers work with any skin condition, however there are formulations that are more compatible with others. When selecting a shade choose one that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone and always apply it over foundation or tinted moisturizer with a concealer brush for more precise coverage. Warming the product on your hand prior to application makes for easier blending.  

Foundation essential to achieving an even, uniform complexionIf you’re looking to minimize imperfections and balance your skin’s tone and texture, foundation should be a staple in your complexion-perfecting regimen. Unlike foundations past, the newest generation offers sheer, medium, and full coverage that’s both natural looking and nearly undetectable. A variety of skin-specific formulations are available, as are shades, making it that much easier to achieve flawlessness. Foundation should be applied to areas that warrant coverage, using a makeup sponge or a foundation brush for more controlled application. Finish is natural, satin, or matte.    

 Tinted Moisturizer hydrates and covers in one simple stepAn alternative option to foundation, especially during warmer months (though many women use it year round), tinted moisturizer offers sheer, lightweight, breathable coverage with a fresh, near-naked finish. The feather-light formulas even the complexion, supply the skin with moisture, and often have the added bonus of SPF. Oil-free formulas are available for oily and combination skin types. Application is like that of a moisturizer; use your fingers to smooth it over clean skin. If wearing concealer, apply before concealing.    

Powder the secret to a polished, airbrushed finishLoose and pressed powder pull double duty: They set makeup for all day wear and sop up slippery spots so skin is glowing, not greasy. Powder can be applied to all skin types, but does have a tendency to make dry skin appear more dry. Depending on the formula-loose or pressed-dust or pat over foundation, or wear it alone for a soft, airbrushed finish. Coverage is buildable.  

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