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Hair Disaster

Posted on: May 7, 2009

So after doing the whole washing the hair thing, I sat down to style it. I did my hair in bantu knots with twists. I applied my HE conditioner, then my honey, aloe, mango butter , oils etc. concoction, then i applied just the butter alone and finally i sealed it with an oil mixture.

Why did i use so many products, well during my test runs if I used just the conditioner and the butter with the oil my hair still felt dry so thats why I added the mixture, I also read on one of the forums that adding the honey would give me good hold, and since I was doing twists and bantu knots I figured it was a good idea.

So far so good, my hair feels super moisturized, i know its still wet but im hoping it’ll feel this way when it drys too.

Fast forward a couple of hours, so im about to go to bed and wanted to double check my knots, when lo and behold I see some dry crusty stuff around the knots, my first though is Oh no I put too much honey in the mixture. So what do i do? I pull out my trusty conditioner and see if i can smooth away those crusties because i so dont want to have to wash my hair again. As I go to my bed i pray that i wont have crusties in the morning.

In the morning I wake up and lo and behold the conditoner dried and I got the same crusties I was running from. Finally Im like it must be product overload, I’ll rinse my hair and try to get some of the product off.

As of this posting, i have rinsed my hair thoroughly, well as thorougly as one can get with bantu knots in there head, I still see crusties, so i fear that I may have to just rewash my hair. I am not looking forward to that. 😦


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