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Posted on: May 5, 2009

So tomorrow is going to be an all day hair day, im going to deep condition, wash and style. Its gonna be loads of fun.

Anyways to the point, im going to be trying two homemade recipes to moisturize my hair because right now its feelin as dry as the sahara, no lie. So, Im going to use the coconut milk recipe with mashed bananas, honey, olive olil, avocado oil and safflower ( i read that its supposed to make your hair shiny and soft). I’ve used or rather attempted to use coconut milk before but the recipe was a dud, not because of the coconut but because my avocado wasn’t ripe enough so it was little bits instead of smooth and then I got the bright idea to add carrots to it, it just went downhill from there, I had to dump the whole thing out and start again, and by that time i didnt have a whole lot of coconut milk left. Hopefully this time the recipe works better, fingers crossed.

The next recipe that im going to use is aloe, honey and olive oil with some safflower oil of course. This is to help moisturize and provide hold when im do my bantu knot twists (im trying them for the first time, hope it turns out good). Im going to be using this in conjuction with conditioner and a body butter, yeah i said body butter, shea butter was way to steep for me so I bought a butter that i think can do dual purpose, it doesn’t feel bad so far ( I did a sample test in my hair today).

I just hope my hair doesn’t feel like a brillo pad after this, thats my main goal, if its a bit soft i will be thrilled. Oh, and im going to seal or add some of my “herbal oil” the conditoner hides the spice cabinet smell. 🙂


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