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Emu oil… King of the oils?

Posted on: April 14, 2009


  • Emu oil is said to stimulate hair growth, what does that mean. Simply that it helps hair to grow, it encorages it.
  • It is a good emulsifier, it has good blendability, which means that it mixes easlily with other oils and waters and it penetrates into the skin and hair
  • Its not a skin irritant so even if you have super sensitive scalp pure emu oil should not cause any reaction, its also what they call bacteriostatic, which means that it doesnt grow any bacteria
  • Its non-comedogenic , it doesnt cause build up and clog pores
  • Lastly, its a good moisturizer
  • In studies it showed that “over 80% of hair follicles that had been asleep were woken up and began growing hair.” He explained that hair follicles go through stages from resting to growth and back to sleep again, and that they awoke these hair follicles by stimulating them which indicates that it stimulates skin growth as well”
  •  Emu oil is almost 100% triglyceride in nature which makes it an almost completely neutral lipid. Researchers feel that the reason that it penetrates human skin so readily is that it has a total lack of phospholipids. Human skin is phospholipid deficient which means that there is no phosphorus in human skin. Anything put on human skin and scalp that has phosphorus in it will not penetrate because skin is programmed to keep such penetration from happening. Conversely, anything such as emu oil that is phospholipid deficient, i.e. has no phosphorus, will penetrate right in and take with it any medicinal materials added to it. Even on its own without added materials emu oil has amazing hair growth properties.


    1 Response to "Emu oil… King of the oils?"

    Definitely king of the oils. I use it for my RSI and an emu cream from ( as a primer for foundation. Amazing stuff.

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