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Hair style file: fro’s

Posted on: April 1, 2009


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I would like to add that what many consider to be an Afro has evolved in so many ways.

Instead of the 1970s Foxy Brown afro, we now sporting “Frohawks”, Curly Fros, teeny weanie afros and all others in between.

Beginnig in the late 90s early 2000s , there has been such a surge of black women opting for the natural look, that it can be found all over and it is because many black women now realize the versatility and beauty of natural hair. Fros are now featured in magazines, television shows, runway shows—even non-blacks are rocking their versions of a ‘fro. However, we are the originators, and what we were once shun for, many are embracing.

Thanks to certain techniques being devloped, such as two-straind twists, many have learned how to manipulate their hair to achieve a certain style and looks. Not only that, but how to maintain a headfull of lucious natural hair.

Your compilation of pictures represent the dynamic ways an afro can take form nowadays. It also represents the various textures of African American hair, from the tighest coils to the loosest curls.


~~~This was for a class assignment~~

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