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Hair regimen

Posted on: March 10, 2009

So I have done a previous post on creating your own hair regimen. Lately I have been thinking alot about it ( I do that, alot :), fixate or think excessively about a certain topic or idea)

I think that for my own regimen needs I would focus more on moisturizing and maintaining that moisture, because my hair dries out real quick, even when I put stuff in it. A water based moisturizer followed by an oil sealent, still by the time it dries its crispy.

So my aim is to develop ( yes, i still don’t have a regimen of my own, which is probabley why im thinking about it so much. But I have been wearing alot of “protective” hairstyles for the past year aka weaves.:)) a regimen that is simple but effective. One of my problems is that there are so many products which are so good that Im not sure where to start or what to buy or even if that product will work for my hair. (This is why i started my hair pantry section, which i am sadly deglecting.)

So I think that Im just going to post snippets of suggestions for developing your own regimen. The most common advice that I read or hear is to just keep it simple.


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