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Hair revelation

Posted on: February 13, 2009

My hair is the longest it has ever been in my life. Not because I permed my hair and damaged it beyond believe. Not because my hair is growth challenged, as a matter of fact I’ve had my hair grow alot in one month, and by doing nothing other than not washing it and having it in braids.( I know the not washing sounds nasty but it was a theory I heard, and truthfully it seemed to work. I swear in one month I went from nose length hair to below my chin, no lie)

But I digress, 🙂 My problem is that I have not been able to retain my growth. It gets “tall” as Jamaicans would say and then after I wear it out ( It was usually in a puff, again I know terrible for my ends:)) it would “drop” another Jamaican term that simply means my hair broke off and I lost all my new length :(. And so the visious cycle would continue for many years (did I say that I have been natural for all my twenty something years :)).

Until one day, I discovered hair blogs and hair companies that had products that werent loaded with petroleaum.
Now I feel that my near bra strap length hair ( Im a few inches off at last check) as the possibility of not only being healthy but staying on my head.
Which is always a good thing 🙂


2 Responses to "Hair revelation"

hello there
i’ve been natural for almost a year and my hair is growin a bit and all i do is condition it and go. i’d kinda like to try your method, but i’m an athlete and goin a month without shampooing at least once wouldnt be bad for only me but my teammates as well (i sweat pretty bad) do you have any tips for me? i really want my hair to grow at least past my ears (while curly). thanks so much!

Hey thanks for dropping by.
Umm, well from my research I have learned that they are a few things that will really help you with your growth and with retaining that growth.
1. Do protective styles (twists, box braids, extentions) anything that keeps your hands out of your hair on a daily basis
2. Use a wide tooth comb when combing (some people dont comb at all, I, am not one of those folks :))
3. conditioner, it will become one of your best friends, use it in the shower, to detangle and even to moisturize.
4. This point is major, moisture, if your hair doesnt get enough moisture it will break off. If your low on funds do the conditioner in the hair and then seal it with olive oil or an oil of your choice.
5. protein treatments are also recommended, again this must be done in moderation as too much will cause your hair to break off. You can use the egg and mayo treatment or you can purchase one.
6. Lastly you will have to tailor everything to suit your hair what works for mine may not work for yours.

Hope that this helped. Good luck and happy hair growing 😀

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