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Avon Haul

Posted on: February 8, 2009

So i got three hair products from Avon two conditioners and one hair oil. I think the conditioners (African Shea Butter restorative hair mask and mediterranean olive oil condtioning hair mask both from the planet spa line) will be pretty good, I had read some good reviews for the olive oil one and since it was 3 for 12 bucks I decided to go for it as they are regular 8 bucks each.

The palm desert rose oil hair elixir i dont know about, I mean the first two ingredients are water and silicone (dimethicone ) But im going to try them out, with other conditioners and see how they work, Wish me  luck 😀


2 Responses to "Avon Haul"

I use their Mark collection…the lipglosses are my favorite. I’d love to see how their hair conditioners work…! It’s funny how even Avon’s getting in on the African Shea butter bandwagon…lol

I went to there site yesterday and they no longer have the shea hair mask, I even looked in the Avon book, but nothing. So maybe they jumped on and then jumped right back off 🙂 it would suck if it was really good, cuz there not making it anymore 😀

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