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Shea Butter

Posted on: January 28, 2009

Only found in the tropics of Africa, Shea butter is extracted from nuts of the Shea-Karite tree. It is a slightly yellow or ivory colored natural fat that provides healing qualities that rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin and hair. Most commonly used as a cosmetic, shea butter is also edible and customarily used as a cooking oil.

So with all of the products out there that boast the benefits of Shea Butter ingredients, how do you tell which products are really providing the true benefits? Moreover, how does Shea Butter help the hair?


How Does Shea Butter Benefit The Hair?

Shea Butter is an excellent moisturizer that protects and heals damaged hair without clogging pores. It combats dryness, brittleness and works wonders for dry, itchy scalp. While it can be used on any texture, it is especially great for curly hair which is naturally dry. Shea Butter has unlimited usage- it can be used as a conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in, styling aid, moisturizer, on the scalp-the list goes on and on.

How Do You Know Which Products Are Best?

Unfortunately, all Shea Butter products are not created equal. Even more unfortunate, many marketers are merely adding small amounts of Shea Butter into products and slapping the Shea Butter label on it. So the best way to gauge how much Shea Butter is in a product is to read the ingredient label. Ingredients are listed in order from the most to the least so if Shea Butter is listed as one of the first few ingredients then it’s more likely that the product will provide a greater benefit of Shea Butter.

Mix Your Own Shea Butter Recipes

If you’re a mixologist or just give up on trying to find great pre-mixed Shea Butter products? Make your own. Since Shea Butter is an excellent deep conditioner.

-Use equal parts Shea Butter and Aloe

-Break up the Shea Butter into small pieces

-Whip in a large mixing bowl or blend with a mixer until you get a smooth consistency

-If necessary, play around with measurements to get desired texture

-Optional: add olive oil or extract like vanilla or peppermint

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1 Response to "Shea Butter"

What I would say to the benefits of Shea Butter, is pay close attention to both the moisturizing fraction and the healing fraction. Remember all Shea Butter will moisturize, but only Grade A Shea Butter will heal, now the healing fraction accounts for 10% of the butter and is known as the nonsaponfiable, which is its scientific term.

Check out the Shea Institute on that or a video on youtube called the science of shea butter.

Anyway lovely post and stop by the Shealounge at anytime, drinks are free!

Happy reading…..

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