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Hair change

Posted on: January 28, 2009

Quick update, i just changed my hair style. meaning I got a new weave. This one is bone straight its the first time that i’ve had a straight weave.

I will be posting my pantry list soon, I know I cant use them yet but I like to be prepared.

On a plus note my hair has grown I would say that Im probabley apl right now, and in the front my hair is about an inch past my chin if so much.

I did three things to my hair after I took out my other hair style. I rinsed it with water and then used acv, then I did a protein treatment and then I did a moisture treatment and finally another acv rinse. Well okay so it was a bit more than three things but hey.

My hair felt really soft after that I am happy to say, then I loaded it with conditioner and olive oil to seal and hoped that it would dry in the morning 😀 it didnt.


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