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Quick update

Posted on: March 16, 2008

Just a quick update. So Ive got alot of things done inregards to by job search preparation. Ive got my self-marketing letter, which i intend to use as a sort of introduction letter. Im going to send this letter to prospective companies, as a lead in a teaser of sorts. If there interested heck even if there not interested Ill followup and then send my cover letter and resume. Ive had my boss who is awesome with written communication check over my stuff. He’ll do my resume tomorrow as he didnt have time on friday.

Ive also been reseaching companies im interested in working for, looking at there website, checking out their “team”, their mission statement and what they say about careers on their site. Some I have liked, others not soo much. I also look at their portfolio, its good to research the company and have a basic idea of what they stand for, and projects that they have done.

Lastly I have my portfolio, which Ive attempted to start, which prompted me to retake photos of my prokects with a better camera, my uncle also showed me how to increase the size of the photo in photoshop without pixilation occuring.

This week and the upcoming long weekend ( yeah friday and monday off) Im going to be polishing everything because I need to start the search in April, preferabley early April.



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